Thursday, 11 September 2014

I'll pace you up...

Some days, you get reminded about all the things about cycling.

I set off to work this morning, and battled cyclists cutting me off, drivers running red lights (yes, plural) and just the general, normal traffic to get to my train to get to work.

But on the way home I got to stop off at a pub to have a couple of pints at the retirement party for George, the organizer and captain of the Tour de BL, a two-day ride that happened earlier this summer.

On the way home from that, I eventually hit the bottom of the hill that leads up Chetwynd Road to Dartmouth Park Hill (look it up on open street map). A guy on a scooter idled behind me at the red light, so I moved to the side to let him go up ahead of me.  He came alongside me, slowly, and when he got even with me said, "Come on, I'll pace you up the hill!" He duly took a position in front, slowed down, and started accelerating. I had no choice. I bombed up on my single speed bike, trying not to disappoint him as he kept an eye on me in the rearview. At the intersection at the top, I pulled up next to him and clapped him on the back.  "I don't think I'll get that job at the track," he said, followed by, "I'm a cyclist myself; any excuse will do."

It was a really nice and fun way to end a ride home. This kind of thing is just another small reason to get on the bike, even when some days you don't feel like it.


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