Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Festive Christmas from the TroisV!

As the TroisV are currently split between Birmingham and Kent*, Dr Matt hitched his wagon to the Rapha Cycle Club, who are doing a series of rides for their Festive 500.  A leisurely ride through a deserted London (except for a few tourists and hipsters taking pictures of the hipsters taking pictures of the tourists taking pictures of the tourists, etc.), and a welcome at the slick Rapha cafe.   Some coffee (see fig 1), then a chain gang around Regent's Park to wake up the legs, a long gentle climb up to Hampstead, then a couple of loops around Hampstead Garden Suburbs.  Over to Highgate, down West Hill, which was turned blinding gold on the descent by the winter sun on the wet roads (no sign of myrrh), and an ascent of Swain's Lane: just what everyone would want in their Christmas stocking.  Back to the park, and I peel off at Parkway (fig 3), to come home, rather overexcited according to house inhabitants.  I put it down to the coffee.

fig 1: Some excellent pre-ride coffee

fig 2: Empty streets (and some Castelli)

fig 3: Camden - almost deserted


[*30.12.13 Correction: Kent is not correct

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