Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Shaw's Corner

Part of the mission of the Trois V, although not currently enshrined in The Constitution, is the proper naming or misnaming of things.  We can include in this Hudson's Corner, which leads from the Outer Circle into the Inner Circle in Regent's Park.  It's kind of a cut to the clique, or a line to the inside track, and its naming is lost in the mists of time.  We hope that the OS, or perhaps Google Maps, or even Open Street Maps will soon follow our nomenclature.  For now, we are happy just verbing it, as in 'let's Hudson Corner it', escaping the Fredoton that loops the park in the evenings, and gathers, gentlemanly, it must be said, at the lights on the southern end of the famous central London loop.

But it looks like we weren't the first to put our mark on this fair land.  Beardy, writerly folk seem to have done it to spots along Lilley Lane:

Behold the gates of Shaw's Corner.  Pleasingly, it is opposite 'Dove Cottage'.

Nice ironwork, non?  But how was this spot discovered by the Trois V? Well, by skiving, essentially. Or at least leaving work early (after clocking up a substantial amount of unpaid overtime), hopping on the 3:48 from London's most-statued station, and alighting twenty minutes later at St Albans. 

Dr Doug was supposed to be in attendance, but was still making his way from the US of A, so Dr Matt represented the Trois V on the ride, which was organised by our sister organisation, the Pannierizzis.  

We can recommend it.  An excellent 2:30 ride, 60km, two pubs, setting sun, bluebells, quiet-ish roads, some gravelly tracks, bunnies, birds pausing on a wing, small horses, Twangers (a kind of sweet), spots to tie up one's steed, fords, watercress fields, and even the moon to ride towards on the way home.

All the things mentioned above


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Valentine's Day Ring

Yes, we know it's been a while...

But we also know it is a truth universally acknowledged that the day after St Valentine's Day is often marked by sore legs.  And, to accomplish this, Dr Doug and 'Teen Spirit', mounted their steeds of scandium, and boarded the 10:05 Euston to Tring express for the first of a series of 'bicycle rides'.  Eschewing the sportive, and other pursuits of the MAMIL (the London Loop-excepted), 2013 will be marked by rides characterised by their exploratory character.

1/2 a mile of broken over-head cabling scuppered our initial plans of a fast train to Bedford, and then the countryside beyond, but taking the spirit of spontaneity to heart, put a plan B into operation, which consisted of tickets to Tring, an Ordnance Survey map, a lunch spot, and the notion of a bicycle-crafted M25 circling the Bucks town of Aylesbury, rather like the foot-focussed Aylesbury Ring.

As a plan, it seemed to work.  Setting off, as usual, at too zippy a pace, we soon made it from Tring to Wing, and remarked on the undulating nature of the route.  We had a puncture, which took a bit of time to fix, thanks to the valve giving up on the inner tube after we'd extracted a chunk of flint.  By 12:30 (or something like that; it was tricky to tell as both our odometers were running on variants of Central European Summer Time or BST) it was time for lunch, and Winslow offered up the perfect pub: a warm welcome, a big table for the map, cheese baps and a scotch egg made by one of the bartender's grandmothers.  The Tour of Wessex should outsource their feed station to them immediately.

The return was marked by some spectacular ups and downs, some very pretty villages, a long drag to the railway station, and lots of signs for Whipsnade Zoo.  We may return for the elephants in summer.

Here's the route.  Let us know if you can suggest a song [edit: added Miles Davis].