Friday, 18 November 2011

Bike Porn Friday: One from the archives

In light of the removal of the multitude of railings around Camden Town, be careful where you lock your bike.  And be careful where you leave your note and what you write, as this shot from earlier in the year reminds us.


Trois V!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Bike Porn Friday: exotic dishes

(With apologies to vegetarians).  2/3 of the Trois V met last Sunday for the Epping Loop. However, Dr Matt played the internationally recognised 'get out of a long ride' card, by offering Dr Doug - potentially suffering from a hangover - with an 'out'.  We agreed that the Loop was off the table, but that Laps were firmly placed on it.  These we did, which underscored how out of shape I was, or at the very best, how much my cold stopped was sapping any form I might have.  We also noted the many people making their way to Regent's Park mosque (and later discovered it was Eid).  

Negotiations took place, and the Alpine Villages, with a latin side, decided upon.  This transpired to be a good choice, as at the top of Spaniards' Lane was mostly closed for traffic.  We could try out our sprint train, although we lacked Hudson for the final launch.  However, Doug did the business, and sparked the flashing 30 mph sign on the roadworks.

This then gave me the excuse for the above, from Made in Camden: Baked eggs chakchouka, spicy tomato, chorizo, feta. Yum. 


Trois V!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Bike Porn Friday: bone shaking

The week has witnessed two remarkable events: 1) Dr Doug has been relieved, for once, of his BPF duties, and 2) as the Dos Posada illustration above hints, it's been the Día de Muertos. We even had a departmental outing to the Mexican Miracle Paintings at the Wellcome Collection (which included all sorts of accidents depicted in a naif style; but no, we were glad to note, bicycle snafus). It was also an excuse for a bottle of Pacifico.

But wait! Something else remarkable happened this week. The Trois V has another potential junior member, as Dr Matt has a newly minted nephew. Welcome, Aidan!

More to come: a report of the Monticello Tweed Ride, an account of the return to the Epping Loop this coming Sunday, and after 26 November, more London-based tweed action. Any tips on where to get a good bike for Emily, friend of the Trois V is also welcome. Some sort of Pashley mets Charge is the current front-runner.


Trois V!