Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What Would the TroisV Do?

Bradley Wiggins tweets (for it is a verb):

"How do you play it? Conserve 3rd or throw everything at winning at the risk of loosing all? stupid or brave? What would you do?"

There's no lemon drizzle cake for coming third, is all we'll like to add (and wonder what's in Cobo's recipe)




  1. Nobody gives a crap about who comes third, Bradley. I can't even remember who came second or third in this year's Tour de France. And furthermore, I don't really care. What's to conserve? I say: risk losing all, and loose all.

  2. Turns out it was all a sneaky ploy to get the boy Froome in for the win. I think the Trois V constitution would prevent such gamesmanship

  3. I doubt a lot of pro cyclists are wearing What Would TroisV Do? t-shirts, though.