Monday, 23 May 2011

Mt Baldy and more Lemon Drizzle news!

Although there is some sort of cycle race going on in Italy, the non-Eurosport subscribing members know nothing about it (and we suspect that the Eurosport-subscribing member is not watching, if only due to the execrable commentary).

However, ITV4 brings us relief with the very entertaining #ATOC, or Amgen Tour of California. Radioshack seem to have taken their (and almost ours) mind of 60 Minutes with a brutal performance on the hills, with a fine GC win for Horner. More interesting, perhaps, for the Trois V was the great coverage of the ascent of Mt Baldy, a col (actually, it's not a col as you have to turn around and come back down) that I now want to climb. Meanwhile, here's a salute to 'uncle of the Trois V', who's been there already, and without the ridicululous fools who dressed up in Sumo suits, etc. (ok, it's a different mountain, but you get the point):

Closer, to home, we are also pleased to have the excuse to talk about Victoria Pendleton and Lemon Drizzle cake in the same sentence.



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