Monday, 2 May 2011

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

So this weekend has been the longest Sunday. I think it started on Friday. Today, the May Day bank holiday, we planned to ride. But to where? "Planned Engineering Works" scuppered most plans, including something called "The Essex Pancake." Matt tried to get us to ride out to Whitstable to eat shellfish and sit in a hut. This also was ruled out. In the end, Mr. Jon and Dr. Doug rode out to Richmond Park for a lap.

And they were very glad they weren't riding to Whitstable, in the teeth of a very strong wind, beneath plane tree after plane tree, basically chewing and coughing on the air, rather than breathing it.

Anyway, it was more of a lollygag than a training ride, but we had fun.

The important point here is that Dr. Doug was somewhat confused by Mr. Jon's morning text message, which relayed an assumption that the Speedy Bike Club U.S.A. jersey would be today's sartorial choice. Only on arrival at "The Southern Meeting Point/Club Mascot's House" did this piece of digital communication become clear: whereas Doug just rolls out of bed, chugs some coffee and climbs onto his bike, Jon watches the news.

Anyway, USA! USA! USA!