Sunday, 3 April 2011

Stuff in the Spotlight - How Deep is Your Bag?

So here in the Mother Country it's Mother's Day. Huzzah!

So on behalf of all the TroisV please can I wish half our readership (hi, Mums/Moms!) a Happy Mother's Day.

It's also the Tour of Flanders! Double Huzzah! As I type, Dr Doug, Dr Matt, Dr Matt's mate John (qualifications undetermined) are sitting on one of my sofas drinking Leffe and suffering the inane Eurosport commentary.

We're also watching the bike race.

For reasons that will become apparent, the two Doctors, but not I, went riding this morning. Two laps of Regent's Park, followed by the Alpine Village, a loop around Hampstead, Swain's Lane, over Suicide Bridge, up Muswell Hill, up and down Ally Pally, then done.

Now as many people know, I am on a quest for the perfect cycling bag. And this week I may have found it.

Mission Workshop were set up by the guys who founded Chrome, and are now operating out of San Francisco's Mission district, sending huge and durable courier bags and backpacks around the world.

I bought their Rummy bag during a happy trip to Condor. There are many reviews of this bag on the interwebs, but I know that reader(s) of this blog will have very specific questions about its capacity.

Question one: Does it hold eight bottles of Leffe for the Tour of Flanders watching, plus a load of other shopping and your locks?

Answer one: Yes, yes it does:

Question two: Does it hold a dozen bagels from Brick Lane, plus half a dozen bunches of flowers plus your locks, when, having remembered Mother's Day for your own mum, but having failed to make the connection that the Club Mascot's Mum is also a mother and was really looking forward to her first Mother's Day and you've arranged a whole day of cycling fun, you have to create a small conspiracy and pretend to go on a Club Ride but instead actually make a romantic dash to the East End and Columbia Road Flower Market then ride back in time to make breakfast in bed?

Answer two: Yes, yes it does:

Question three: Does it hold the Club Mascot?

Answer three: Yes, yes it does:

So there you have it. A bag that holds three kinds of things. Perfection.


Here's Doug's choice of song, video NSFW, kids:


  1. We can chuck a DPhil at John's way

  2. That 'at' may be redundant

  3. P.S., that's one nice bag

  4. Wait a minute. Misogynist, maybe, ridiculous, certainly, but why isn't it safe for work? Where the hell do you work?