Monday, 18 April 2011

Preston Wheelers

Dr Matt went to Preston for the weekend, and the preceding two days, so missed the chance to take part in the Only Fools and Condors run proposed for Sunday. A ride today (Three Parks) made up for this somewhat.

There were bike-related matters in Preston, however, including the Independent's important 'Save our Cyclists' campaign launch, which I understand also coincided with a BBC TV piece on Ghost Bikes.

Especially good is the campaign's emphasis that it places on the statistical safety cycling. The odds were less good a century ago, as this memorial in the Harris (Preston's saving grace, as one of the Trois V noted):

There was also this picture on the back of Katy Masuga's new book on Henry Miller:

One of the talks also mentioned a recent edition of Nelson Algren, showing him on a 'pushbike', hence a wussy intellectual, rather than hard-living lover of a Frenchwoman:


J Mascis - "Not Enough" from stereogum on Vimeo.

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