Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Long Necks and Loops

The TroisV has entered the holiday season. As a starter, Dr Doug and I met at the meeting point this afternoon; there was even the possibility of rendezvousing with Jon, but he had an appointment with the Club Mascot and, as I understand it, a city farm. Clearly, four-legged friends were a more appropriate bet for a Wednesday afternoon.

We did the required number of loops, in a better time than this time last year, on average, and only beaten on average by one set of loops this year. But it was warm, and the air tickly with pollen, while the curbs were dotted with opening doors and suchlike. No sprints were undertaken, but we did ramp up the speed on each inner loops, caught up with some mamils, and impressed some tri-trainers. All while having a chat.

But, we were also treated to at least two giraffes in their long-necked splendour on the north side of the loop. The Club Mascot would have liked it.


Trois V!

(video kindly supplied by Doug)


  1. As a ZSL member, I resent you lycra-clad layabouts taking a free gawp at the giraffe I'm paying for.

  2. Fair point. We shall equip ourselves with blinkers next time out.