Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Double Dutch!

Regular mothers of this blog (Hi, Readers!) will know that I'm anticipating the arrival of my lime green and black Condor Squadra. This week I phoned up the local patisserie to ask when it would be ready, since the 4.5 weeks I'd been quoted as the build time had now passed; I was informed that they're taking about 6 weeks to build bikes at the moment, and mine should be ready at the end of next week (I'm fairly certain he said "definitely" too, but you know, I might've been hearing what I want to hear).

In any case, everybody knows how like when you meet a new girl (or boy) and go on a date you want to look good and not pick your nose or have your shirt tails hanging out, and so it is with a new bike: you don't want to jump on that thing only to have it call you "fatass" or start pedaling for home and realize you're huffing and puffing up the meagerestest of inclines. In other words, I wanna be in shape and look good for/on my new bike.

So today I rode twice. This morning I set out with Dr. "I Got Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed" Matt, whose mood swiftly improved after two fast laps and pounding up the Alpine Village, followed by pounding up Swain's Lane. Then this evening I set out with Mr. "I Rode to the Wrong Work" Jon, and together we rode four laps, picking up the pace on the final one to be home in time for "Masterchef". Or at least that's why I wanted to be home by nine.

So, two rides, different types, although both involving revolutions around Regents Park, and my legs hurt, my buns are steel, and the Key Lime Pie, when it arrives, won't be embarrassed to find itself being ridden by a lemon.

I mostly wrote this post so I could include the song below. There are special bonus points available for the first person to name the tune that gets cut off at the very end. Only naming both the artist and the title gets the points.



  1. Pavement - Range Life

  2. Hiding behind anonymity when I told you the answer is a coward's move.