Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Wheel of Time is Turning

So I didn't have quite as marvellous a time on the Puncheur as the flying doctors, but I (a) at least got most of the way round (b) enjoyed the SAG wagon driving along next to me for a few minutes while I talked to the driver, so that I got to feel like a pro, and (c) benefitted from certain areas of my body not feeling any pain at all, unlike most of the rest of my body.

The only problem was that these parts of my body had evolved to be extra specially sensitive, so a near complete lack of feeling in them was a troubling matter, especially when it took the best part of a day to dissipate.

Clearly something had to be done, and as we all know the solution to all of life's problems is to go shopping. So Monday evening found me perched on the stairs at the Spitalfields branch of Cycle Surgery, sitting on a foam pad which, it was promised, would measure the width of my sit bones and tell me which Specialized saddle I should buy. To the astonishment of everyone who knows me, the foam pad told me that I needed the middle width saddle, not the widest, and so, remembering the LCC discount, I purchased a brand new Specialized Romin saddle, with the promise of maximal blood flow.

However, I'm a poor scientist, and instead of changing just one variable, I decided to change two, and bought some new cycling boxer shorts. These are basically normal boxer shorts with a small and snazzy looking chamois pad in them, to prevent it looking like one is wearing a nappy under one's jeans.

With both saddle and pants installed, I needed to go for a test ride, and so I took advantage of the Club Mascot's trip to see the Club Mascot's Mum's Mum & Dad in the Western Colonies to go for a night ride in the City. I set out after dark to try and avoid traffic, but for some reason there were lots of angry bus drivers around, so I ducked around the Ripperesque back streets, being a bit of a scofflaw on some bits that may or may not have been pedestrianised, and finding enough cobbled sections that it was something of a Ronde de EC2. I finished with a speedy blast down the Pentonville Road, and home to find that the double-sighted experiment was a success, and everything felt as it should.

Riding at night is great fun, and as you'll see in this video interview with the almighty Jens, it's the thing that fathers do. Keep watching the video, it's great as all things Jens are, and if you didn't have an opinion on the race radio ban before, you will now.

You're against it.



  1. I think London was built for cycling at night

  2. 15 messidor. Day of the chamois in the Republican Calendar.