Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Springtime Saturday Ride, Plus: The Pastry Is Right!

With Jon recovering from Emran-related injury, it was up to the Doctors to fly the flag and climb the hills for the TroisV this morning. The weather was beautiful--warmish, sunny, almost no wind--which made sartorial choices difficult to make... but I'm pleased to report that the winter jerseys were left at home, jackets were pocketed, light gloves were worn. Lots of passive tense things happened, in the clothing sense. What the hell am I talking about?

Anyway, two laps of Regent's Park saw the most lackluster edition of the RP Sprint Series yet held. I mean, really pathetic. But anyway, there was lots of chatter and we decided to head up a hill--but not the same old hills we usually do. We rode up West Highgate Hill, via the "quieter route" signposted in blue. This entails tracing the boundary of Hampstead Heath and going down a private road that isn't really a private road, and which, on the first lap (yes! We did it twice!) was swarming with posh walkers loping downhill, walkers who saw no reason to give an inch, or even half or a quarter of an inch, to cyclists climbing the steep kick at the top. While climbing this route, with its steady but not all that steep (until the end) climb, its curves, its big houses, its trees and its heath, one can pretend that one is riding through an Alpine village--and so the route has been christened "Alpine Village".

So yes, we rode up via Spaniards and down along the far side of the Heath, then back along Gospel Oak for a second climb, after which we sped toward Look Mum No Hands!, where we drank too much coffee, but sat outside, and were complimented on our Look Mum No Hands! caps by the owner of Look Mum No Hands!

A discussion paper was handed around ("around": Doug showed Matt); Doug has been spending his procrastinating moments on the Condor Cycles website, plugging stuff into the bike builder in anticipation of buying a new, zippier, expensiver bike. The decision was all but made to go for a Classico. We were ready to head off to Condor and maybe even make a downpayment. Then Farid showed up, and "threw a spanner in the works." First, he offered his BMC for sale. Next, he accompanied us to Condor, took a look at the bikes, asked me some pertinent questions, and told me I didn't want a Classico. Then, he told me to take a zip around the block on his titanium bicycle, the make of which I've entirely forgotten [Enigma - Ed.]. It was zippy. Matt and I returned to Condor, and decided I want a Squadra. More thinking will be done.

So, The Pastry Is Right!

In a weird inverse of the usual, today a TroisV member entered Condor Cycles ready to part ways with a small fortune, and walked out having spent considerably less. The following purchases were made:

1 Combiflex 70 cable lock

1 pair of tire levers

1 derailleur cable

But how much did all of that cost? Keeping in mind the 10% LCC discount.

On the way home, Matt blasted through a pothole on York Way, blowing his rear tire spectacularly, and performed an admirably quick tire change.


Playing in Condor as we were leaving: