Friday, 18 March 2011

BPF: Tristesse Endura for Japan

We only rode a bit of the way from Swansea to the Japanese Embassy (and we did it in reverse, with gears, and lots of cooked breakfasts), so we are rather in awe of today's BPF: Charity Ride from Swansea to London for Japan, to which Rollapaluza alerted us. There are many ways to donate to help assuage the suffering in Japan, but this may be one worth considering. And the poster above is absolutely worth of BPF.

We are also aware of the ride organised by our favourite/most-teased embrocation purveyor, which takes place on Sunday in London, and all over the joint in Japan, N. America and elsewhere.
This said, we also have in mind the points that Pedal Strike makes about 'empathy and earthquakes'. Have a good weekend. We shall be riding the Epping Loop.
Trois V!

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