Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Pastry Is Right!

Welcome to the TroisV's new feature, "The Pastry Is Right!"

We all remember fondly some time ago when Dr. Matt went out for a croissant and came home with a very expensive bike. The problem is, when you go into Condor Cycles "just to pick up an x quickly," you inevitably walk out a lot poorer than you intended to. Yes, you. Yesterday I wandered in for a couple of low-cost items, and basically spent half an hour walking around the store, willing myself to lay out a bunch of cash for something I didn't need. In the end, I only bought the two things I came in for; but then on the way out something caught my eye, something I'd been mulling over purchasing for use on the upcoming Puncheur.

Jon has suggested a new game: a TroisVer who has traveled to Condor and made purchase(s) states the amount of money he's blown, and everybody gets to guess what he bought. Come on down! You're the next contestant on "The Pastry Is Right!"

I spent: £40.41 on three (3) items.

Not bad, actually! But what were the items? Submit your answers in the comments, and I'll reveal what type of tasty french baked breakfast items I purchased sometime next week, when I feel like it.



  1. Inner tube
    Zero tabs

  2. Hmmm, well I don't really know how much a pound I guess socks, day old caramel slice, and a post card.

    And, yes, I have never been to the shop (boooo) so have no idea if these are items available. I am thinking of my local coffee shop with expensive bike stuff. Pert sure the have artsy post cards.