Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Pastry Is Right: The Results Show!

Judging by the two responses, all of our readership was riveted by our new gameshow, "The Pastry Is Right!" Well, you lucky monkeys, here comes "The Pastry Is Right: The Results Show!" So let's get straight to the results and see what prizes our lucky winner will go home with.

I bought:

1 tub of Assos brand "chamois cream"

1 package of SwissStop brake blocks

1 Knog Frog headlight (which is the one I bought on the way out, because I don't want to lug my big and heavy Cateye floodlight up and over the hills of the Puncheur)

I had intended to buy Zero tabs, but forgot/felt too lazy to look around, so I guess Dr. Matt gets an honorable mention. I feel sort of bad for libgyrl, who has obviously been suckered by all of the talk of croissants and sneezing that usually accompanies discussions of Condor Cycles into thinking it's Look Mum, No Hands! We can hardly blame her. As for the rest of you people who couldn't even bother to participate, including the creator of the show, Mr. Jon, well: shame on you all. No prizes for anybody.

I was wondering idly today whether troisv.cc could become the top google search item for London 2012 cycling events if we mention and link to and label enough things with "London 2012 Cycling;" I also was wondering idly whether we could parlay that into some complimentary tickets for those kinds of London 2012 events (London 2012 Cycling Events). Let's see!



  1. How are those SwissStops working out?

  2. They look good in the package. I haven't put them on yet... but when I replaced my brake blocks post-Wessex, that's what I used and they seemed to last pretty long... longer than the ones that I have on there now, which are fading fast...

  3. I imagine sending my a pastry all the way to frozen tundra of the middle west united states would have been prohibitively detrimental to said pastry. ;)