Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Triumph of the WIll

So last night I washed my bike in anticipation of fitting my exciting new hoops:

Therefore, of course, this morning I awoke to rain. Undeterred, I took my bike out of the bath, swapped the wheels, and set off to the meeting point to collect Doug.

Due to the miserable weather, cold hands, and the effects of two weeks off the bike, we limited ourselves to three laps before heading off to Look Mum No Hands for a fantastic breakfast of English muffins with marmite, and coffee.

Readers of fledgling magazine Cycling Active will know that this month they did a feature on coffee, guided by the careful hand of the barista of LMNH. Despite them not covering the ristretto, I nevertheless succumbed to their review and ordered a mocha, which turned out to be the best one I've ever had, and has officially been dubbed the TroisV Winter Milkshake.

Now as regular readers are aware, the route home from LMNH usually takes us within the gravitational pull of Condor Cycles. We have documented the Condor effect before, and Doug was keen to avoid unplanned expense and so steered clear of the event horizon, but I needed some brake pads and had to go in.

The plethora of new year's bike magazines contain lots of advice about how to achieve one's cycling ambitions in 2011. The key thing is to set a goal and stick to it. So I went into Condor for brake pads, and brake pads only. No magazines, no energy gels, no clothes, no gps computers, and definitely no croissants. (To be clear, I mean I wouldn't buy any of those things. I did not enter Condor in the nude.)

I'm pleased to report that with a monumental effort of will, I stuck to just buying the brake pads I needed. Aided in no small part by today's song playing in the shop.

Next stop, Mount Ventoux!



  1. I have yet to locate a bike shop in Boston. But, I do have something for the mascot!