Monday, 3 January 2011

Oh Solo Me-ah!

Undeterred (but frankly, a little put off) by the unavailability of my fellow TroisVers, I set off early this afternoon for my first ride of 2011 (and my first real ride in about a month, or maybe even a bit longer). I decided to do the traditional laps of Regents Park, but finishing with a climb of Swain's Lane. After pumping my tires, lubing my chain (stop snickering at the back) and putting on various layers of clothing, I realized I had no idea where my overshoes were. Though I have a lot of nice socks now, I can see that I might've spent my Christmas gift more wisely. As they say, "Whatever."

The ride was mostly unremarkable, if also somewhat boring and vaguely painful--mostly I seemed to have a slight heartburn problem, which I'm guessing has something to do with my late night salsa and NFL football session yesterday. I mused that if I did puke up even the slightest amount of bile and/or Rice Krispies at the top of Swain's Lane, I could at least have the satisfaction of titling this entry "Like a Doug to His Vomit." Alas and alack, I kept it all to myself.

But, Dear Reader(s), there is a major highlight to relate! I was riding up Highgate Road, just before the railroad bridge near Gordon House Road, when a minivan decided to pass by me at considerable speed (racing to a red light), leaving about half-to-three-quarters of a foot between little old me and its side. I grumbled (I lack the vehemence of Jon in these situations) and gestured (back of my hand, no middle or two fingers). But then, Dear Reader(s), then! Police! Sirens! Action! This idiot driver failed to notice the police van behind it! The police pulled this guy over! Now, the Metropolitan Police has received an enormous amount of (correct) criticism recently for the way it treats student demonstrators as though they were a communist insurrection circa 1953; but at least when they aren't jackbooted and helmeted and shielded and charging-horsed up, at least one (or two) of the cops that "keep London safe" have the decency to make the odd correct decision.

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