Sunday, 16 January 2011

Five Laps and a Coffee

Essentially, that was it, except Dr Matt also got himself a marmite muffin while Dr Doug watched a poor Look Mum No Hands punter attempt to replace a new tyre, and we approved of a bright red Condor Squadra. (They also have some dashing new socks on sale; owner of red Squadra, take note).

It was good to get back on the bike, and do a few laps, while chewing the fat. Plans for the year ahead are also afoot, and I suspect these will be firmed up during the sports viewing with the mascot this evening.

We also enjoyed the good natured bus jam on Goswell Road/St John's Street junction.

Although no-one noticed my 'beard'.


Trois V!


  1. I did notice your "beard" but just assumed you hadn't shaved for a couple days. Excellent song choice.

  2. Cansarn it. Whilst I was walking the Club Mascot this morning to allow the Club Mascot's mum to get some well deserved sleep, I nearly called in at LMNH. We were just around the corner. We looked at some chickens instead.

  3. Where's the nearest coop to LMNH?

  4. Coram's Fields, but you need a Mascot or similar to get in.

  5. Aha; I did spot two camels in Regent's Park this evening (well, in the zoo)