Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The TroisV Festive 5

A certain purveyor of epic embrocations is currently encouraging riders to participate in what is dubbed the 'Festive 500', an attempt to ride 500 kilometres between 23 and 30 December; a kinder version of Graeme Raeburn's sadistic 1000 Christmas Kilometres (aren't you glad that TroisV went metric some time back?). All this is in the name of the sport and towards a very festive patch:

A fine piece of design and cassette deconstruction, indeed.

Being avaricious for such a sticker, a desirous of trying out his new, rather Germanic, gloves from Martock, Dr Matt wondered if the Trois V should take part in this velopedic campaign. His fellow wheelmen were not so keen. He then took it upon himself to uphold the pride of the Trois V, and began his very own Trois V Festive Five, to be completed one day quicker than the embrocation purveyor's fine scheme.

He can now report that he has completed his mission, despite facing a blocked canal path on the way back from delivering Emily, 'Friend of the Trois V', to Paddington, and a strong desire to stay in bed this morning rather than retire to work. Marvel at the conditions he has had to face:

And be impressed by the weight of his evidence:

I also dug out my old John Peel 'Festive 50' tapes; only to realise I have no means of playing them.


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