Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Higgins Ahoy!

For sometime, the Trois V, or more specifically, Dr Matt, has been considering the purchase of a canoe or water-going vessel of some kind to compliment its wheeled capabilities. And now, it looks like the search is over, thanks to an advertisement at the rear of John S Webber, In and Around Cape Ann: A Handbook of Gloucester, Mass., and Its Immediate Vicinity, for the Wheelman Tourist ... With ... Illustrations (Gloucester, Mass: Cape Ann Advertiser Office, 1885).
The firm sounds very promising:
This representative and successful boat factory was established in 1871 by Messrs. A. T. Gifford & I. H. Higgins, both of whom are expert and experienced boat builders. The factory is 85 feet long, 63 feet wide and three and a half stories high, and the firm also utilize five adjoining commodious buildings. During the busy season they employ fifty skilled workmen. All descriptions of boats are built with dispatch. They have had 30 years' experience, and are the original builders of the sharp sterned bottom seam, mackerel seine boats, used by all fishermen of New England and the Provinces. The firm have furnished over 150 boats to the various departments of the United States Government. They likewise built the three smallest crafts that ever crossed the Atlantic Ocean, viz.: the Centennial, Captain Johnson; Nautilus, Andrews Brothers; and the Little Western, Captains Norman and Thomas. The Little Western made the return trip and landed at Gloucester, Mass. The firm have built during the last fifteen years 3,500 boats of different kinds, and have given entire satisfaction to patrons. They were awarded medals at the London exhibition of fish and fisheries, 1883, for their unrivalled mackerel seine boat; also for their excelsior life boat. Messrs. Higgins & Gifford are both natives of Cape Cod.
More from this volume anon.

Meanwhile, Flotsnoo!
Trois V!

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