Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Romance of the Inner Circle

Jon has been taking part in his own twelve step programme, and this is, I think, week two. So, we started at 8 am, meeting not at the meeting point, but en route to the inner circle. I realise I should have started with the phrase, 'I'm Dr Matt, and I'm a Cyclist,' but there you go.

The programme involves, at the moment, going very fast, and very slow and spinny. Which is surprisingly tiring, and I think also confused our fellow circumnavigators of the inner circle: many joggers, a Boris bike being taken for a work out, a few cyclists - and a bloody great bus doing a three point turn. I quite enjoyed the exercise, but didn't have the advantage of Jon's GPS beeping at me, so had to rely on Jon bellowing, 'Go!' to begin my two minute steady state sprint. Steady state means going bloody fast.

I asked how it had been going over the last fortnight, and Jon discussed the merits and demerits of the system. It also allowed an insight into the world of the inner circle - the site of motor-driven liaisons it seems, at least before 9:30 when the parking charge begins. Hence the blog title.

A longer-term relationship began later; we breakfasted and quizzed at LMNH (as well as expanded our chapeau wardrobe), then called in on Condor on the way home. Jon needed some gels and gubbins. He left a few pounds poorer, and with some extra glucose; I left over a grand poorer, having taken advantage of the sale to snag a Acciaio as a winter bike, and a not-quite-fit-for-purpose touring bike. I went cheap on the group set (9 speed veloce), but solid on the wheels, seat, and, of course, the frame. We now have to wait six weeks to meet. This somewhat delayed my initial purpose, which was to pop out to buy a paper and a croissant quickly after the ride. As Jon texted, my errand went 'epic'.



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