Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday Evening's Alright for Riding

Jon came up with with a winner this evening: the Only Fools and Condors/Konas route, which takes in many scenes from annals of Trotters' Independent Traders.

It also was something of a spring classic, even though it is now almost autumn. We had canals (which looked somewhat like Wentworth, that concrete classic of the north), cobbles, a spill from Dr Doug, and sprint finish along Old Street to a closing Look Mum No Hands. Such was Doug's eagerness to taste victory (and possibly avail himself of LMNH's restrooms) that speeds of 48kph were reached, leaving Dr Matt wishing for a smaller cog.

There were other highlights. Not only did we see some interesting bits of East London (including: canals, as mentioned, Docklands circuit, a floating church, almost a church tower that looked like a whaler, some bad architecture, some good architecture, Tower Bridge, funny quays and walkways, the Greenwich Tunnel), but Doug met a fellow Kona rider, who was making her way from Bristol to Greenwich (via Paddington). She sought counsel on a route, and latched on to Jon's purple line, like the rest of us. And, as Doug texted, she even spoke to us.

We took 2 1/2 hours, and did it all in metric: a nice touch from Jon, when asked how far we were riding.



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