Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A new poll! Just for you, LT05 YSY

Look out for a new poll, along these lines.

At a juction, driving a Mercedes, LT05 YSY, Do you

a) at a junction, get annoyed by the bike in front of you that is waiting for a break in traffic and is placed in the primary road position, honk and gesture for him to get out of the way (or launch into a stream of traffic), then either ram him or ram him while trying to get past. Then stop as he takes a picture of your licence place in the middle of the road, start shouting about 'you people' and refuse to give your name (or address, insurance, etc. etc.)

b) wait twenty seconds, pay attention to the broken down car on your right as well, and go about your way as usual?




  1. I know this post is a very justified rant but the club mascot loves it because of the excellent song

  2. There's a nice Camden link there, too

  3. And glad there's a silver lining!

  4. Did LT05 YSY have his kids in the fucking car?

  5. I think those two would have got on very well.

    Actually, that whole primary road position at the junction seems to be a red rag to a paticulalry bull-headed type of driver.

    Meanwhile, the LCC have suggested I contact

    Am now Condor-less (dumped it at a Honda garage)