Tuesday, 31 August 2010

In Memoriam: Le Professeur, Il Est Mort

Laurent Fignon, "The Professor", has died of cancer, aged 50.

The TroisV removes its chapeau (or, the members remove their chapeaux), and doffs it (doff them) one last time:



  1. A bigger, longer, better tribute en français at Le Monde (not Lemond):


  2. The more sentimental members of the TroisV who enjoy Dead Poets Society remember well Mr Keating's speech about the purpose of sport. He describes it as a chance to have others push us to excel.

    In a sport which is so much about the battle with oneself, Fignon played a heroic part in the battle with Lemond in 1989, pushing another to excel by the narrowest of margins, giving us all one of the greatest moments in cycling.

    He was a hero to me, I had a poster of him on my wall growing up.

    Au revoir, Laurent.

  3. And possibly one of the greatest moments in sport, ever