Saturday, 7 August 2010

Improvised Epping Loop

The two non-vacationing (non-"holidaying") members of the TroisV gathered this morning at 8 a.m. to ride the Epping Loop.

Before riding more than ten meters, we each proclaimed the final beer of the night not entirely necessary. I was also plagued by the side-effects of eating bean burritos for both lunch and dinner the day before. How many bean burritos does one need to eat in a single day? Three, apparently. But these matters are best left to discussion on Oil Changes.

Anyway, it had rained overnight, so the roads were a bit wet, but it didn't really rain during the ride, which we accomplished at a fairly lickety-split pace (see stats below). There's something about the combination of Matt and Doug that leads to basic navigational problems, and so as usual we took a minor wrong turn and then a slightly different route over Toot Hill, which meant that we didn't get the pleasure of hitting the top of it at the little green, which was a little disappointing; on the other hand, the route we did take over it was a longer climb.

Early on in the ride we discussed the fact that the end of the Epping Loop--from Potters Bar into London via Barnet-- is pretty irritating, traffic-filled (and therefore exhaust-filled) and basically unrewarding in every way. It was agreed by a unanimous vote that we would stop at Potters Bar and take the train to King's Cross (we don't give a crap what you think, purists), which would land us back in the Capitol nearish a certain cafe where we could dutifully take up a position for the talking of shit. Which we did.

Cars seemed to pass quite closely today--a little too close for comfort on a number of occasions. A bus on a country lane actually gave us the widest berth, which is kind of pathetic, car-drivers.

We pass a lot of pubs on this route. One of them had a sign that said: "Chefs! We're busy! Help!" Another was advertising tonight's entertainment, "The Fab Tina T."

Stats (now in metric, in accordance with the new rule):

Ride time: 4:07:22
Distance: 107.13 km
Average: 25.9 kmph
Max: 62.5 kmph

These stats include the ride to and from Look Mum No Hands!; the average was a little higher when we were at Potters Bar, which was 97 point something km. Since none of us has any real idea what any of this "metric" (communist) crap means, Matt will throw the imperial (fascist) units in the comments. Right, Matt?


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  1. Right. Here are the metrics (in fascist):

    67.8 miles
    15.9 average
    38.6 max
    4:14 ride time

    I think we may have perfected the loop on this one.