Sunday, 15 August 2010

Blue lines and bikes [corrected]

Diarization issues continue to thwart a TroisV ride, but no matter, we have all been busy. Jon has returned from Devon, where he clearly has been taking part in some form of Carmichael induction session, whereby the power meter takes the place of the E-meter. We await news of his OU results (no, not the Open University). Dr Doug has been entertaining (Dr Matt wore his Germanic Rapha in honour ('honor')), and trying to let us know he will be away, watching baseball in Wrigley Field, during our initial Cotswold Triangle expedition. And Dr Matt has mostly been shocked by HMRC's very upsetting views on the bike to work scheme, along with fretting about this wiggly blue line across the Alps. In order to stave off the inevitable shame and hurt, he went out for a variant on Dr Doug's most excellent North London Three Hills route, mixing it up a little with two ascents of Muswell Hill, and taking the long way back after Swains Lane (the new 'hoops' shaved three seconds off the ascent, stat fans).

Applications for a club secretary will be welcome shortly.

But, more bike-related activity has also broken out. Curious about what all this cyclopedism involves, Dr Matt's companion was willing to try out Ken's Velib scheme. An initial foray proved very acceptable, and something of a bug has been caught: five bikes have been ridden since Thursday, including a dummy run to work, and two practical zips through London, including the usually tricky-to-reach Paddington Station. It's proving addictive.

Camden's generous provision of cycle training will be availed of, and Mr Falconer is likely to get some royalties as well. Dr Matt certainly owes him something, as the advice to stay well clear of doors saved his nose and goodness knows what else on a descent of Haverstock Hill. Only the ample width given to the grey people carrier and the atavistic cry of 'Noooo!' (Jon's more magisterial 'Stay There!' would also have been useful at this point), saved the whole blue line thing from being called off.



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