Sunday, 11 July 2010

Tour de Hills!

So yesterday the TroisV completed the mountain stage. After a warmup lap of Regent's Park, we headed through Camden Town, up to Gospel Oak, along Parliament Fields and then to the first climb of the day, West Highgate Hill. West Highgate is a pretty long, and increasingly steep, hill, and the climb was made a little more difficult by a huge truck that was also climbing (faster, and with a gas-powered engine, thus disqualifying it). Matt reached the top first, and when Jon arrived, he declared himself out of the rest of the tour. After some discussion, and a reminder that the next thing we'd be doing was crossing over Archway Bridge, Jon decided to continue for a little while. Then he decided he had to climb Muswell Hill (and he also decided he had to send Matt on an attack as we climbed, even though it was declared a noncompetitive event, and this made me want to cry, but instead I just bucked up and inched Matt out at the top), and after that Jon decided he should climb Alexandra Palace with us as well, and once you've done all that, well, you might as well climb up to Highgate (passing under the Archway Bridge) and follow along past the Spaniards, down East Heath Road (carefully avoiding the corrugated speed bumps after you've ridden over the first set) and back past Gospel Oak in order to climb the final and steepest hill, Swains Lane, which Matt did in 3:18, with Doug and Jon trailing behind in that order. No pictures of today, but there is a nice chart of Jon's heartrate:

No other Tour de France-related events are yet planned, but we'll probably think of something. Jon declared himself the Mark Cavendish of the TroisV, which led to Matt and I planning a sprint in which we play the role of the train that flings him over the line, but Jon has so far not lived up to the "fastest man on two wheels. Fact." part of his claim.



  1. I've got both the being grumpy part, and the flying out of the back as soon as the road tilts upwards part down cold. How hard can the sprinting at 50mph part be? And which one of you is going to be Renshaw and go and thump Farrar on the elbow?

  2. My great-grandfather was antipodean, so does it have to be me?

  3. Good enough for me. Yes, you do.