Thursday, 15 July 2010

Tour de Hills: training!

While the larger Tour is leaving the hills (or 'Alps' as they are also known) behind, the Trois V remains at altitude, breathing the thin, clear air of Highgate.

So, this morning, the two available members of le Club did some warm ups around Regent's Park, were amused and literally speechless at the anger of the angry man in the little rented car (indeed, 'What did we think were we doing?'), and then headed along the first part of Doug's most excellent Tour de Hills route.

The cooling morning rain was turning into a warm mist, and we reached the foot of Swain's Lane, which we are excited to hear is going to be closed next week for Rollapalluza's Hill Climb Challenge (and again for Rapha CC). We started at the traditional start point, the zebra crossing, and headed to the oestopath's, high above us.

3 minutes later, and Dr Matt had reached the summit, Dr Doug arrived a close 18 seconds behind. Once oxygen reached our brains, we were pleased to note we had knockec about 18 seconds off our time from Saturday.

Trois V!

Take it away Condi!

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  1. Dear Angry London Driver,

    I know, I know: we're riding at 18-20 m.p.h., and you can go faster. I know, I know: we're riding side-by-side, taking up almost half the lane. But, but, but, but, but: you know, if you'd given a light tap of the horn, we would've moved over; you didn't need to blast it from 10 yards behind us. And, and, and, and, and: you didn't need to swear or shout so loudly when asking a question. But, but, but, but, but: to answer it: we're riding bicycles; thank you for asking. I can't help noticing you're in a courtesy car; did you break your own car running over a cyclist in confusion?

    Yours, etc.,