Friday, 9 July 2010

Radtour im Ausland!

This past week I traveled to Landstuhl to visit the drummer of the official punk band of Vraisembablement Votre Veloclub. His friend Steve has been bugging him to get a bike for a while, but somehow it took the visit of a member of the TroisV to get him to Radsport Wolf, where, he'd been reliably informed by the same Steve, if you use your best American-accented German to sweetalk the lady who runs the place, she'll put you on a secondhand mountain bike for 100€. Steve had bought a bike there. Steve loaned me this bike, which his buddy had bought there:

It's called a "Hurricane". It's awesome. It's very heavy. The endbar whisltes when you ride fast. As someone once said, [insert book title here].

Anyway, after we got Dr. Andy on his bike, and had an innertube replaced on my loaner, we set off. There are a ton of bike trails in the Pfalz (and probably in Saarland, too, which is right nearby, and probably also in France, which is also not so far away), and they're absurdly well-marked, and fun to ride. Our particular choice took us from Landstuhl to Ramstein, home of enormous airplanes and in-transit NATO soldiers and probably a lot of other people and stuff. On our way there, we saw a family of deer. From Ramstein we followed a path that took us mostly along railroad tracks, through a valley that eventually led us to Kusel, where we sat under a tree and admired the Rathaus (and its bells), while drinking Germany's gift to the world:

It was a very hot day (30+ Centigrade Degrees). Andy discovered the joys of cycling, and wondered why he'd waited so long to buy a bike. He also discovered that when you're not used to riding a bike, your legs, shoulders and back get really sore. He also discovered that going up hills takes a lot of work. Here are our tired bikes, strapped into the Regional Bahn, which takes almost as long to get from Kusel to Landstuhl as the average new cyclist:


Did somebody say Rammstein?

UPDATE! Here's a video of the last round of the Rathaus bells:

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