Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New (Junior) Member!

So you can see from the poll to the side that following his glorious drawing of my bicycle, Cosmo has been elected to a Junior Membership of Vraisemblablement Votre Veloclub by a unanimous 7-0 count. The thing is, there are only three members of the TroisV with any sort of voting rights that actually get counted (though the rest of you are welcome to voice your preferences). I'm from Chicago, so I voted twice in order to keep hometown pride on the roll (or not to have my right to claim it as my home revoked; it's never really clear how these things work). Assuming that Jon and Matt voted, the motion still carries by a unanimous decision. In fact, that's true even if they didn't. Anyway:

Congratulations, buddy. I have no idea what privileges your junior membership comes with, but I do know that unlike the rest of us, you'll have to master the spelling of "Vraisemblablement"; just remember that there's a little more "bla" in there than you'd imagine.


1 comment:

  1. I will now knit a merino wool team jersey for your junior member.
    However, his junior body is not broad enough to sport the full team name so I need official permission to knit the abbreviated form.