Saturday, 31 July 2010

Centient Beings

Well, it wasn't quite a landslide, but it looks like metric measurement has edged the vote by a centimetre.
Doug, a centimetre is a hundreth of a metre, or, as you would I think have it, a peck of a meter. Anyway, you should think of it as like a little inch, and trust the other members of the TroisV to guide you. Except down ramps in cafes. Unless you've called in a hug on the owner, Care Bear mafia style:

Speaking of edging things, now that the metric system has been introduced, I now have to spend a considerable period of time studying the Garmin's manual in order to convince it to speak French.
But I digress.
The important part of this post is to reassure our loyal readership (hello Finland! Our comments accept Suomen!) that we do pay attention to what you say, we do listen, and we do care. So rummaging through the TroisV's bulging sack (of mail) we discover this comment, which, to our lasting shame, we had earlier neglected:
"Isobel said...

I will now knit a merino wool team jersey for your junior member.
However, his junior body is not broad enough to sport the full team name so I need official permission to knit the abbreviated form."

Isobel, I can only assume that you are either related to our junior member or he is an especially lucky boy who has a team of assistants ready to fashion his every haberdasherical need from wool. Perhaps this is a picture of him:

Mess with the wool, you're gonna get spooled.

But the important point is that if the 'abbreviated form' to which you refer is 'TroisV', and you are not intending to knit a jersey with 'Those Jerks' purled upon the chest, then yes, you have permission to, like a prison tattooist, unleash your needles of fury.

And for the other commenters and potential commenters who aren't us, please don't be shy. You too could one day become part of the echelon of nonsense that is this blog.

To celebrate our metricitude, here is the most extraordinary music video I've ever seen. It perplexes me, which I think shows that if I was ever with it, I now no longer know what it is. Not suitable for junior members.



  1. Meanwhile, there's trouble at t'LMNH:

  2. Seems to have been dealt with adroitly:

  3. Uh... do they mean the table that we usually sit at?

  4. And are they upset that there isn't one officially reserved for shit-talking fixies?

  5. That's the table. Tho' we weren't there at that time...

    Fixies seem to claim the table at the back

  6. uh oh

  7. They're onto you.