Monday, 19 July 2010


Regular readers (hi, Mom!) of this site will recognize this picture:

It's my beautiful Kona Zing bicycle, rendered in pencil and ink by my seven year-old friend, Cosmo. I should note for posterity that my bike was sitting upside-down on its saddle when Cosmo drew it. He solved the problem of having been commissioned to draw a rightside-up bike by drawing it upside-down, then turning the paper over.

Anyway, for his services, I'm nominating Cosmo for junior membership (do we have junior membership?) of Vraisemblablement Votre Veloclub. You'll notice the voting booth to your right.


A band you either a) didn't know existed, or b) forgot existed, would like to encourage you to rock the vote:


  1. can we use that on our club jerseys?

  2. I second that motion!

    I mean, I answer that question!

    I mean, yes, can we? Can we, Jon, can we? Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasecanwepleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase?

  3. First, I see what you're trying to do with that third option up there mister, and I won't rise to it.

    Second, to answer your question: Yes. Yes we can.

  4. Maybe you need to "do the Obama" to BOTH questions.

  5. I was doing the "Bart Simpson in response to the question of whether they could drive to the fabulous sunsphere" in response to the second question.

    As to the first, I'm happy with my vote.

  6. We now also have two 'club mugs' (frog and camel), decorated by Abi, and delivered (with keys) by Mr Shaw Sr.

  7. Sweet. I take it they've finally dried?

  8. I thought we already had three club mugs...

  9. Boom-boom! ...Huh huh huh... Uh... Ugh.

    It should be pointed out that these were handmade for us on the day we should've been riding the hardest climb of the Tour of Wessex, but the paint hadn't dried when we needed to leave, so they were left behind for safekeeping.

  10. If only the same could have been said for the keys.