Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Trois V Symbiotic Link Experiment - How Deep Is Your Guylove?

So Doug's was in Finland, and Matt was in some sort of work-related funk. I had no idea whether Doug was back, or whether Matt's spirits had recovered, and didn't know whether they were heading to do laps at Regent's Park this morning or not.

I couldn't send a text message last night, because we were in the midst of a power cut and I needed to conserve the battery on my 'phone.

So I decided to undertake an experiment.

Everyone knows that if it's Friday, it's 10:30, then it's time to party. Three o'clock on the last Saturday in May is the FA Cup final. First Saturday in July - Tour de France starts.

But do all the Trois V know that 7:30am on a Tuesday and Thursday is laps? I sent out powerful thoughtwaves to the others: 'laps tomorrow, laps tomorrow', and considered rigging up some sort of batsignal style light in the sky (until I remembered the power cut), and went to bed, confident that my compadres would ride with me in the morning.

And when I arrived?

No sign of anyone. Thus proving, using science facts, that there's no such thing as psychic communication.

Let's hope we do better on Saturday for the Official Trois V Tour de IC* Prologue and Breakfast Ride.

Trois V!

*Inner Circle


  1. I was on my way to the Royal Free! My kidney stone is now only 7mm, though. Perhaps the thought waves had some effect.

  2. I was swimming in a lake in Finland and still feeling scared after pulling a tick out of my "something that rhymes with tick!" But I will see you tomorrow at 730 for "something that rhymes with maps."

  3. Furthermore, in my hometown, it is preferred when this photo is used to represent Finland: