Thursday, 17 June 2010

List no. 1: things you could do with £140

1. Spend a pound for every minute of the double album of Spiritualized: Live at the Albert Hall
2. Buy some
tri-bars or aero helmet for Trois Vs' forthcoming 'Tour de France Prologue Time Trial Test and Tea in Regent's Park'
3. Purchase a pair of
Dromarti leather race shoes
4. Buy a return
flight to Istanbul
5. Purchase
equipment for the team mascot
6. Get a cheap, but adequate set of Mavic or Campy
7. Buy some Rapha
bib shorts
8. Buy some replacement
car keys for your dad, following the incident of the keys at the Tour of Wessex, be aghast at how much replacement car keys cost, and wonder why Rapha bibs don't have a better key pocket

Trois V.


  1. Perhaps you should start using the zip pocket on your Rapha jerseys now?

  2. That has been my 'take away' from this whole, sorry saga...

  3. Isn't that the poop pocket?

  4. Therein lies a long and unseemly discussion, best left for the road.