Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Breakfast Club

Normal service was resumed this morning as, despite being woken up in plenty of time by the Trois V Club Mascot, I rolled up for laps ten minutes late. No matter, we had a splendid time despite the delayed start.

There was much activity in Regent's Park today, as it's the Camden Green Fair and Bikefest. That started at noon, so we didn't participate, but on each lap we weaved through increasing numbers of stallholders arriving on Chester Road. The thought crossed our minds that we might end up as cyclists being prevented from following our usual route (root/rowt) by diesel powered vans arriving to set up for an eco festival. Happily that ironic fate didn't materialise. Each lap we were however surrounded by mods on scooters converging on the Inner Circle. Apparently this was the starting point for the eleventh Great London Ride Out. Destination: Southend. We hid our rocker tendencies and pedaled on past, posing manfully for their photographer each time.

The laps were both a prelude to breakfast, and also our entry to:

The Let's Go Ride a Bike Summer Games 2010. We've come late to this, as we do to most things, but it looks tremendous fun. LGRAB is a bike blog based in Chicago, which makes at least one Trois V heart sing, and is full of really good advice and articles about cycling in the (flat, windy) city. The idea behind the Summer Games, as you can see here, is to perform various bike-based tasks each week and then write in about them. There are also fabulous prizes to be won.

This week's tasks (you get to pick two from five) were to go on a group ride (check), and to say hello to a cyclist at a red light (also check). The first part was easy since the whole Trois V were out together for the first time in months. The second part was also easy, and Doug took to it particularly well. Not only did we say hi to a cyclist at a red light, he also repeatedly said hi to one of the marshals of the Green Fest, gallantly ignoring a first lap snub and building up to a big, showy turn and wave on the final run round.

A fine first entry to the games, and chapeau to LGRAB for coming up with this excellent idea. We'll be sure to report on next week's activities in due course.

Our next important business was breakfast at Look Mum No Hands, which is now easily our favourite/favorite cafe, and may be the location for much of an upcoming study leave. Food was chosen, and as Matt was lamenting his order failure (a pain au chocolate when (English) muffins and super muesli were available) the owner started to put bunting up round the entrance to the cafe. When we asked why, we were told that it was partly because of a jumble sale at the cafe today, but more importantly because he had some new bunting.

Bunting for bunting's sake - the Trois V is down with that.

Having listened to Matt explain how his chin got cut, in a confused, rambling way that made me wonder if he was being guided by my GPS, further ordering jealousy was engendered by the arrival on a neighbouring table of gigantic milkshakes. The Trois V resources were pooled (we robbed Matt) and I was despatched to order our own glasses of lactose deliciousness, calling at the jumble sale to buy this fabulous t-shirt for Doug:

You can wear that at the top of the hill where you live, but be careful in Hackney, or hipstersmay attack.

Matt then proved he was the Cool Hand Luke of the club by rising to Doug's challenge of 'who on earth could eat this much marmite?', and having marvelled at his ability to hold back the tears we headed off into the late morning, pausing to wonder with the owner of LMNH why one of the Trois V's enemies didn't get dizzy when all they seem to do is ride round and round Richmond Park.

Trois V!


  1. I forgot the stats!! Here they are, for the Regent's Park bit only, and in KM because it's more impressive.

    24.14km, 1hr 2mins 25s, 2m35s per km, average 23.2kmh, max 41.8kmh

  2. I can add 792 calories to that..