Tuesday, 8 June 2010

And it's goodnight from things

A day that started with club laps at Regent's Park (it rained, we rode, police officers became suspicious about Dr Doug's pro-USA hand gestures as we passed the Ambassadors residence), led on to the discovery that the Club Mascot's weight exceeds the upper limit of the Trois V HQ kitchen scale, now ends with the polls closing, a resounding victory for stuff, and the passing into history of things.

In its closing statement things congratulated stuff on its victory, and wished it well for the future. Stuff now goes on to govern, with a huge mandate of 60% of the vote.

In other Trois V administrative news, a constitutional amendment has successfully been proposed and is duly made. Inspired by the vanity of one of our enemies, we have decided to invest in a club motto, and that motto is:

For Love of the Sport, Not of Ourselves

Or flotsnoo for short. The new constitution is here. We can feel our enemies quivering with fear. If anyone wants to try and translate it into latin, please go ahead in the comments.

One other constitutional amendment met with more heated debate. The great question of shaved legs on male amateur cyclists. Should these be permissible, like moustaches and tattoos? Or should they be banned, under pain of ridicule from the rest of the club?

The matter will be put to discussion of the Club at LMNH on Sunday, and to aid us in our deliberations, we are opening a second poll! Thrills! It's over to your right.

We close with a tribute to those who fell in the name of our entertainment. We salute you things!

Flotsnoo! Trois V!


  1. פֿאַר ליבע פון די ספּאָרט, ניט פון אָורסעלוועס

    Trois Vs!

  2. (That's Flotsnoo in Yiddish)

  3. Yiddish. According to Google Translate.