Saturday, 29 May 2010


But I'm told that several parents and relatives of the Trois V will be reading these updates, so I'm watching my language. I would like you all to appreciate the effort I have gone into to avoid making crude innuendo about Doug's small ring.

So anyway, the London Contingent has had its first update from the front - all troops accounted for, and the day was a success, although Dr Doug did have a mechanical. His front derailleur trapped him in the big chainring, and he couldn't shift down. Luckily some roadside repairs, and I dare say some roadside bigswears, got the chain onto the smaller chainring which allowed Doug to continue to climb hills. Alas this slowed them on the flat and the descents, but the day still concluded with these impressive stats:

  • 104 miles, average 14.5 mph, time 8 hours 10 minutes, sightings of both male and female varietals of the enemy. We remain cooler than them.

And soaked, tired, plus covered in oil, the redoubtable rouleurs are going to do it all again tomorrow, when the route heads for the sea. They were convinced to do it by the word of a man at a feed station, which sounds very suspicious to me. Perhaps it was the Witch With Green Teeth in disguise? Look out, boys!

But it turns out that 'Wessex' is merely code for 'Somerset', and one of the viewing points for the ride is Glastonbury itself, so I feel prescient for including that Grateful Dead song earlier. The Trois V minds were as one - Doug sang the theme song from Diff'rent Strokes on the descent from Alfred's Tower as I was uploading it onto here. The challenge tomorrow is for him to sing this parental politeness-busting version of Billy Bragg's 'Sexuality'.

Trois V!

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