Saturday, 29 May 2010

Wessex, man

And but so two of the Trois V were last heard of yesterday, making final preparations for the Tour of Wessex, leaving me literally holding the baby.

Dr Matt's last known whereabouts were on Googlechat, when I should've been working, and he should've been packing.

Dr Doug by slight contrast was carbo loading on pizza (and inspiring a conversation about the possibility of the official 'Trois V Pie Diet for Champion Cyclers'), and mourning the death of Gary Coleman.

I meanwhile went to a Baby Massage class with my three week old daughter (and official club mascot), and discovered that I have the magic touch of the soigneur. And also that a greased baby is difficult to hold.

There'll be live updates and terrible puns from the Tour of Wessex as reports filter in from wherever the hell Wessex is (I thought the inside cover of a Thomas Hardy novel, but I'm happy to be corrected), and here are three songs for the very short people we're thinking of today. The final video proves that two drummers does not rock make, and therefore that the one they call 'Smelly Hippy' is wrong.

Trois V!

Diff'rent Strokes Opening Theme - Version 1 - The funniest videos clips are here

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