Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hardcore Wessex

As the Trois V Club Mascot recovers from being given a post-bathtime triceratops hairstyle by her mother, so the brave soldiers of the Trois V are now recovering in a rural idyll from a gruelling 120 mile spin in the ancient Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Wessex (see, I done bin readin' my interwebs).

Although reports earlier in the day seemed cheery, with happy tales of cheese sandwiches, suspicions at Trois V HQ that all was not well were raised by a message from Matt that read merely 'Uh'.  Sure enough, today the boys spent nine hours and fifty minutes in the saddle, for which I hereby award them the first Trois V Wyvern of Wessex (source).  Well done chaps!

Tomorrow is a recovery ride in Somerset, and there may be a further update tonight of other interesting phenomena encountered today, but for now a song about hard work, and a theme song that we all know and love, in tribute to this greatest of sports and the greatest club dedicated to it.

Trois V!

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