Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Assault on Mount Mitchell!

Holy Crap!

The Godfather of one of the TroisV members completed the Assault on Mount Mitchell yesterday.  Here's some excerpts from a couple of my Godmother's messages:

      Kris was able to make it to the top of Mt Mitchell.
      Final time: 10 hrs 50 min

     He reports (from the bus) that it took him as long to go the 50 mi from Spartanburg SC to Marion
     NC as it did to go the final 25 mi directly up the mtn from Marion to the top. Final portion of the mtn
     was encased in fog; he said the temps felt as if they dipped into the 40's up there.


       At his age (63) there are so few opportunities to (safely) push yourself to the limit, and he felt sooo
       happy to have been able to finish. Said this ride was, physically, the toughest thing he's ever
       done...and that includes basic & advanced training in the Army at a much younger age.

TroisV doffs trois chapeaux in the direction of Mr. Bierbaum!


Here's a terrible, if appropriate, song.  Miley cheats by walking and riding a horse, and her mountain looks sorta computer-generated:

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