Sunday, 23 May 2010

Another Epping Loop

Today at 8 a.m., the two Tour of Wessex-bound members of TroisV set out on our final training ride before the event, which takes place next weekend.  The Epping Loop has definitely become a favorite, or maybe even the favorite, or before the other members get angry, favourite route.  There were a lot of other cyclists out today, and an LD rider even said hello as he passed (going the other way).  I gave a spider a free ride up Robin's Nest Hill, and due to sloppy application of sunscreen, the insides of my elbows are now burnt.  An otherwise enjoyable ride was marred somewhat in the home stretch by a driver in Finchley who decided to cut us off rather than let us merge, and even further by his friend who saw fit to scream obscenities as they passed.  The driver slowed down, and the friend looked ready to spit, but we stayed clear.

No punctures today, but my tail light did jump off the back of my bike in almost the exact same spot in Walthamstow that I got a puncture last time.

Here's the stats:

Time: 4:10:58
Distance: 66.35 miles
Average: 15.8 mph
Max: 37.3

The distance anomaly to last time is explained by the fact that we didn't get lost, and that these stats came from my computer, which means the distance to and from my home measured last time isn't there.


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