Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ride to the BST!

The two nonvacationing members of the TroisV took advantage of the change to British Summer Time to gather at 5:30pm this evening for a (for some, post-prenatal class) mosey around London. Our route took us through the Barbican over to Hoxton Square, where the member who had previously never visited this much ballyhooed part of town found it distinctly underwhelming, whereas the member who used to live nearby was reminded of part of the reason he left. From there, through the City, over Blackfriars Bridge (the eastward view blocked by construction/advertising hoardings), along through various types of tourists and past the London Eye, back over the Thames for a jaunt around Parliament Square (hello, Winston! Hello, Abe!) and along the Mall, through Green Park and into Hyde Park, taking advantage of the traffic-free zones for a sprint up Constitution Hill along the way (and another back down on the return trip). After a meander of the park, we came back down the way we came, but then through Trafalgar Square, along the Strand, up via Aldwych and back up to Bloomsbury. It was a total of 17 point something leisurely miles, without resorting to the headlights. Hooray for summer! Hooray for TroisV!


  1. I have my pedals here in FL, but am yet to find a bike. Perhaps on return to VA

  2. TroisV salutes your commitment, but suspects their must be at least one bike in Florida, in among all those rascals.

  3. TroisV would like to change "their" to "there", and remind everyone reading that some members of the club are professional teachers of English. Uh, cutters?