Monday, 29 March 2010

The Battle for Clause 6

What Doug failed to point out in his post about yesterday's ride is that part of the reason we went to Hoxton Square, dressed as hipster douchebags, was to try and find some couriers to annoy.

We failed, but we did see some people on fixies, wearing hi-vi, struggle to get up the 'hill' from Smithfield to Charterhouse. Luckily we had derailleurs, so we could ride away from them whilst laughing. Just as we did later when I stealthily swept out from behind Doug in an attempt to run over a tramp in a New Yoik Yuckees cap.

But I digress. What prompted this mission into fixed wheel territory was the huge number of cycling videos I've been looking at lately. I take clause 6 of the club constitution very seriously, and go through occasional bouts of bike porn gluttony. Last week was one of those weeks, and I was inspired to invent the evening ride in the city mostly by watching this:

Empire from Empire on Vimeo.

Which is a nice video with a drummy soundtrack by some Williamsburg trustafarians, and this:

It's Your Ride from Cinecycle on Vimeo.

Which is a completely beautiful video featuring two cyclists who are both prettier and better than us. The soundtrack is 'The Hustle' by Alan Wilkis.

So we didn't get a nice east or west coast sunset to close the day, which was a drizzly shame, but we did get a new Trois V greeting. From this day forth, whenever members of the Trois V meet each other (en velo), we shall point at our bicycles and say 'brakes'. Here is why.

All of this makes it seem like we hate couriers and fixie riders. This isn't true, we're just jealous that 66.6% of Trois V riders only have space for one bike and so have to choose the one with gears, and we're jealous of people who can do tricks near cars without dying.

Trois V!


  1. A post that begins by pointing out my failings, then moves to saying that some woman in a video looks better in a dress than I do . . . I . . . I don't know how to take this post . . .

  2. Well it was nice to have you visit. Enjoy your two wheels and the spring and don't get in the harm's (courier's/HGV's/Cabbie's/read as appropriate) way ;)