Saturday, 20 February 2010

First Ride of Spring?

The non-librarian members of the TroisV did the usual meet and greet and ride some laps routine this morning, in wonderful sunshine. It was a bit icy in the shade. Lots of people were lined up outside the zoo and we also saw some sort of military cadet kids schlepping along the sidewalks in their field uniforms. The first lap was a little incoherent due to one member's directional inadequacies. Apparently even when you're going around in circles, you still might need to pay attention once in a while. While riding we decided that the 13 March club ride will go to Cambridge.

After the laps we had coffee and blueberry muffins outside in the sunshine at the cafe on the inner circle in Regents Park. We fed a robin (a robin!) and were menaced by an enormous pigeon and then, the pigeon and her/his enormous pal. Seriously, these pigeons were bigger than Sadie. We staved them off by shaking our helmets at them. Take that, pigeons!


Two music videos today!


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