Sunday, 6 December 2009

Heck of the Ashdown!

Today, two-thirds (2/3) of the TroisV founding members rode (with others) part (hence "Heck") of the route of the The Hell of the Ashdown along with a couple other upstanding cyclists. I've been calling this event "The Devil's Haircut" for the past several weeks because I thought the word "devil" was in the title (you've noticed by now that it isn't) but couldn't remember what it was called exactly (it's called "The Hell of the Ashdown"). The real point here is that this ride took place in the hilliest part of Kent County in England. It was rainy and windy at the start--so rainy that four cyclists were sitting in a car next to something called Knockholt Pound, talking themselves out of cycling at all as they watched a dead badger* float down the road. But it started to clear! And so we rode. One member of the TroisV had to dismount and walk to get up the steepest parts of two of the climbs, which were extremely tough and long (here I would like to refer you to Point 8 of the TroisV Constitution). It was a good day of cycling. Special thanks to Nat and Oliver for helping me drag myself up a couple of late hills, to Oliver for driving, and extra special thanks to Nat for the plate of pasta once we were back in London. TroisV!

*May not have actually been a badger.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Vraisemblablement Votre Veloclub Constitution

Vraisemblablement Votre Veloclub

For Love of the Sport, Not of Ourselves


As Amended 8 June 2009

1. Vraisemblablement Votre Veloclub, hereafter referred to as 'Trois V' or 'the club', is a club dedicated to the sport of cycling - the greatest sport in the world.

2. Except on those days where we really like football, soccer, baseball, ice hockey, basketball or whatever.

3. That doesn't mean the club purpose changes, just the club view on what is the greatest sport in the world.

4. Never golf though.

5. But I digress.

6. We like riding our bikes a lot, but we also like talking about bikes, watching bike races, reading about bikes, drooling over more expensive bikes and kit than our own, and watching films about bikes.

7. The club shall from time to time organise bicycle rides, and meetings for the purposes discussed in clause 6, amongst other things.

8. No club member shall ever criticise another club member's bike, riding style, pace or fitness.

9. No club member shall ever refrain from criticising another club member's riding clothes should the situation warrant it.

10. Our inspirations are Charly Gaul, Paul Fournel, Greg Lemond, Raymond Poulidor, Andy Hampsten, Chris Boardman, Phil Liggett, Tim Krabbe, David Zabriskie and George Hincapie.

11. The LD (you know who you are), Team Cinzano, and boring Spanish cyclists can kiss it. You are the COBRA to our GI Joe.

12. We don't run on dynamite, but we kind of wish we did.

13. The club may from time to time produce publications, clothing, merchandise, a club song, and a secret handshake, as the committee sees fit.

14. The club committee consists of the founding members and whoever the hell else we feel like inviting to be on the committee.

15. Decisions on alteration of the constitution, or any other club matters, shall be made by a 2/3 majority of the committee.

16. We choose not to run. Or to race.

17. Go Cutters.

Holding the above truths to be self-evident and/or/possibly divinely inspired, we are the founding members of the Trois V:

Jon, Matt, Doug